Monday, September 20, 2010

Jay-Z & One Of The World’s Richest Men Warren Buffet [Pic]

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Wonder what Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes and Jay-Z talked about the other day at Omaha’s Hollywood Diner?

The result, if not a transcript, will appear when Forbes magazine names the world’s 400 richest people, a list that will include at least one of the three — the Omaha investor, 80; the magazine publisher, 63; and the rapper, 40.

In general, it’s likely that Forbes and Jay-Z, the stage name of Shawn Corey Carter, talked about some of Buffett’s favorite topics: money and philanthropy.

While Forbes and Jay-Z may seem an unlikely pair, Jay-Z’s wealth is estimated at $150 million by some sources. That’s short of the $900 million or so needed to make the Forbes list but certainly enough to make some high-caliber financial advice worthwhile.

Source: Omaha


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